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Luxury Finishes was founded in 2014. Our strength is our creativity and extensive experience. Our passion is liquid metal. We are market leaders and leading innovators in this technology.


At the beginning of the millennium, the creative lead of Luxury Finishes was then working on many prestigious projects for clients including Harrods, the Sultan of Brunei, and Candy&Candy amongst others, pioneering new methods and techniques in newly-imagined applications of liquid metal.

Liquid metal is a technology that allows finishing any shape or form in a genuine metal veneer of any kind. This is a labor-intensive process yet with many advantages over forged metal. Liquid metal can be utilised in applications where the forged metal cannot. Liquid metal can be textured, married with other materials such as wood or semi-precious stones, applied to three-dimensional surfaces, and more. The coating can be anything from aged bronze to polished pewter, from corten to patinated copper. This allows far greater freedom for designers wishing to express their vision using metallic surfaces.


Whether you envision a unique feature wall in metal for your mansion, whether you need 200 metal-coated desks for your hotel, whether you desire a one-off metallic coffee table, whether you believe your grand piano would look better in bronze than black, we can realise your vision. We have successfully executed many projects and are confident in the quality and creativity of our work, and in achieving the highest level of satisfaction. No project is too small or too big, too basic, or too challenging. If you like what we do, or if you are excited by the possibilities, then we would love to work with you.

Our artisanal skills portfolio extends beyond liquid metal to include creative applications in many other materials including wood-based substrates, solid surfaces, solid metal, or artistic glass. We can combine these technologies allowing unlimited design possibilities.



Depending on the nature of the project, we can offer a full service from concept to creation, we can collaborate with other trades or other arrangements. We are highly flexible.

Our in-house capabilities allow us to create CAD designs or CGI from inspirations. Although we tend to work alongside cabinet makers, we have the ability to supply fully finished furniture depending on specification. We love using our large CNC machine for complex designs or for precise accuracy. At the heart of our finishing department is our spray booth equipped with sixteen top-of-the-range spray guns. We can spray anything in any coating. Our metal fabrication department offers tig&mig welding and metal folding in steel, stainless steel, bronze, and brass.

We frequently work with interior designers, artists, cabinet makers, and others, and also directly with private customers. We are always happy to share our expertise with other artisans and take every opportunity to listen and to learn. Over the years, we have built enduring relations with many of our clients. As befits our reputation, we continue to receive the majority of our work through word of mouth.


Working on unique, cutting-edge projects at the highest level of expectation demands evolving our know-how. This cannot be gained any way other than through countless trials. There is no guide, no existing authority on how-to, no web page, as we work with the newest, not-readily-available products in innovative applications. Like Edison, we experiment exhaustively until we find practical solutions. In this field, the theory has to follow the practice.

Since its inception, Luxury Finishes has invested over £1,000,000 in research and development. We are continually testing the newest products in our lab and developing new technical processes for one-off projects that simply did not previously exist.

Our technical knowledge is focused on polymers, organic chemistry, and natural minerals. With thousands of products available across multiple industries and newer, more advanced products coming out each year, we aim to stay on top and offer only the best to our customers.

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